Product Recommendations

Our goal at Inland Empire Sleep is to help provide non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical sleep aids that can assist you in getting a better nights sleep. The following products are only provided as options and are not endorsed in any way. Please contact us and provide a product review to tell us how you like the product!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blockersThe blue blockers are a cost effective way to limit blue light exposure, allowing your body to return to its natural pattern. A clinical study is in progress with Motion Sports Medical Group and University of California Riverside Medical School looking at the effect of blue light blocking glasses on the improvement geriatric insomnia.

Vitamin D3


Vitamin D supplements work best in the form of Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is the type of Vitamin D we produce in response to sunlight exposure. This supplements is effective in boosting Vitamin D levels for patients who have a deficiency.



This bed sensor monitors body movements, breathing cycles, and heart rate, while the bedside device monitors ambient environmental factors like noise, light, and temperature. It also emits light and sound to help you fall asleep or wake up, facilitating the release of the hormone melatonin into the body, the company claims.



FitBit activity trackers are quality sleep trackers that monitor heart rate, duration of sleep, quality of sleep, and restlessness during the night. With FitBit sleep tracking, you will be able to better understand your quality and duration of sleep and modify your sleep routine to see improvments.

White Noise MachineWhite Noise

White noise machines are effective ways to drown out disrupting outside noise to help you fall and stay asleep. This is a better alternative to leaving the TV on at night because no disturbing light will be emitted from the white noise machine.

Wake Up LightsWake Up Light

Wake up lights are used as sunrise simulator cycles from red to orange to white with 20 incremental brightness levels. This frequency of light is to mimic natural sunrise and keep your body circadian.


Ear Plugs

Ear plugs can be beneficial for light sleepers to block out unwanted noise and prevent disruptions in your valued sleep.

Sleep MasksSleep Mask

Sleep masks can be used to keep out disrupting light as you sleep and to keep a dark environment while traveling.

Sperti Vitamin D Lamptropical beach and sea - landscape

The Sperti Vitamin D Lamp provides the special UVB rays that will generate vitamin d quickly and naturally in your body. The Sperti Vitamin D Lamp is recognized by the FDA, and independent studies have verified its effectiveness. The portable Vitamin D Lamp is an easy-to-use and convenient way to create vitamin D with natural synthesis. A full session takes just five minutes. This Vitamin D Lamp is the only FDA recognized ultraviolet product for Vitamin D production in the human body and is ideal for both preventing and treating Vitamin D deficiency.